Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Religion, God and Spirituality In life.

  • Man faces many 'problems'. All problems can't be solved by himself. He looks for someone(somethng) else who(which) can solve his problem. In other words, he tries to find out some means which gives him relief.
  • A 'problem' is felt so due to some emotional, sensual and social imbalance and something else beyond this(?).
  • To write the same in the 'beyond' context... Everything that happens is due to energy, negative or positive, which changes it's forms. We ought to 'believe' that everything runs under some energy which we do not know. We say it an ‘impersonal god’.
  • If there is any 'body' which can solve the problems of beings, then it is treated as god... here comes the existance of god... a personal god.
  • 'god thing' is infinite. Since any religion is limited, No religious god is the perfect answer for 'god'.
  • The ‘solution’ to all the so-called problems could be given by no 'body' till now. Each role entered humans' life yet its role was limited. That is the reason why humans found so many gods. Also, man doesn't know the exactness of anything which is again the reason for the existence of so many gods and religions which satisfied, within their limits, the purposes of the age.
  • Studying every religion, knowing the reason for its creation, existence and extinction, then, trying to satify its purpose... also making our purpose out of it... shall take us to higher level. That is all!!
  • The solution of man’s every so-called problem lies here…in balancing the sensual, emotional, and social attachments and the resultant pleasures and grieves… realising that they are momentous… thus living a sustainable life being non-addicted to the situations being faced.

PS: We seek for something, in this world, may it be termed 'realization', through knowing and learing things.

Religion is a way to realization. Those who are not self-controlled can 'practice' any religion, provided the practice need to be perfect, according to the holy scriptures of the respective religion.

Ultimately... when realization comes into act we find ourselves in no religion but in a spiritual world...the eternal world with no happies and no sorrows... but realization... merely a realization...

If there is anything like "god",
It must be either 'One which knows the truth' or 'The belief in...' !!

I feel, 'a being' itself as god with no expectations but love...


Reuter said...

hi Raul,

I totally agree with u that a person can believe in religion or follow it if he/she is not self controlled but for self control we need to be spiritual ...anyways its a nice posting

SUBHASH said...

You ar right , what we need is to transcend from religion to spirituality . Religion is atool and the end objective is torealize oneself. Once we realize we enter the realm of soirituality where there is only god and You who become one.

Anonymous said...

The posting is good and thought provoking. But whatever the books, thoughts, opinions, say; ultimately man has to find for himself his answers to his questions. None of these can completely help him in his time of need. Not religion, not advices, not suggestions but his own experiences, and his decisions.