Tuesday, October 31, 2006

UnderstanD ThE TrutH...

Dont' you care to be true?
Don't you mind if you have or never have a relation.
This post is not for you then.
Do you love to be true?
Do you care for a relation?...
then its for you!!!

here goes ==v
"It takes two to speak the truth - one to speak, another to hear".
The truth cannot be understood by saying what you think is the truth.
You have to express it differently for different people.
You cannot tell a man the truth about something
until you know what he understands by that.
If you speak something and he understands it in a different way,
you must not be surprised if he takes a dislike at you;
And if that(what the other person understood by that)
is not what you mean,
you didnot speak the truth.
So, you can speak the truth only when you know
how the other person understands what actually you meant to say...
In the same way, you can not say that you are right about something
when you did not understand
what the other person actually meant in saying something;

Just see the above saying in a modified form...
"It takes two to understand the truth
- one to speak, and another to hear".
Need runs a relation.
When someone really wants to make/run/maintain a relation,
S/he means that s/he is in need.
Siuations rule emotions, which in turn effect relations.
One has to withstand any situation that is being encountered.
In doing so,
to be true in a relation which involved in that situation,
all S/he needs to do so
is just to understand the truth behind the situation.
(As) You know, truth is too big for anyone to understand.
The truth as it is seen, is only a part of the real truth.
The other part of the truth is with the other side(or person).
The real truth is the sum total of the truths of the persons who involved in a relation.(In this conext... )
The truth that is known by a person is only a part of the real truth.
S/he has to listen to the other side to understand the real truth.
So, to understand the truth, one need to express his/her truth,
and at the very next instance, s/he has to listen to the other side.
All the little quarrels and minute dufferences resulting deep pains
are just because the real truth is not known.
We will come to know it, only when we try to.
So, in a relation which is ..., though you want to maintain,
trying to know the other part of the truth
shall always result fruitful results or memories at least.
If it is known that the other part of the truth is not as we 'expected'
(the min expectation is that the other side is true),
then we have to quit the trial to know the truth
as it yields nothing new
(as it won't be helpful in making up the relation).

Before all, we need to be true in our relation. ;)

It is difficult to understand
but very easy to misunderstand.
however, one shall misunderstand only when they wish to.
so, never mis'take anybody :)

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arvind....in trans said...

looks like....an analysis being conducted on the truth...types of truth....final line...dont "MIS"take any body...is a good line..manaki nachchindhi...nachchetattu cheppadame truth..... kewl..keep pennning.///