Sunday, January 21, 2007

How to divide time between multiple interests…???

The most confusing question in decision-making for me was this.

Can this ever be possible??? May be!!! I thought once, and, coined the term ‘multi personality in order’… Usually the preference is given to our interests making something as ‘primary’ and other as ‘secondary’ and so on… The basic principle lies here…in making everything ‘primary’…which needs us to act in different personalities, thus making us to involve in each personality to achieve the respective ‘primary’ interest.
The change in personality; accordingly, intentionally to get things done in a perfect way… how if the preference is given equally to all interests that everything becomes ‘primary’ in our life thus achieving all what we desire…!

However, Giving ‘primary’ status to everyhing is not easy and can be done (?), of course, through multi personality in a definite way… which needs a great practice, and further, a perfect control on ourselves… which shall otherwise lead to multi personality disorder, thus leading to the change in personality without knowing…!
Getting into multi personality 'in order' seems unusual… but if practiced, it shall give the best… each personality attained according to the respective interest, making it ‘primary’ for that personality during a specified time… and... the personalities goes on changing with interests... Try out once!!

PS: Four years life of engineering… got enough time to do anything and everything… excepting a day before the exams to decide whether to take the exam or drop it.
Still It was difficult to find the time for my interests which increased in number year after the year and… I didn’t understand how to divide the time between multiple interests. This funny heart wanted not to let any of my interests to become ‘secondary’ in my priorities.
Those were the days when Shankar’s ‘aparichithudu’ hit the big screen and hit my mind too. After watching the movie, I was back home and wrote something and when finished writing it and read it, my body trembled at once imagining my differed personalities fighting my interests...!
I just wanted to instigate a thought in your mind - how would you feel at your imagination… How it would be if someone intentionally tries to get into multi-personality…???

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each personality attained according to the respective interest, making it ‘primary’ for that personality during a specified time line sounds good...

multiple personalit kaalani aa....ammo...teliyakundane chukkalu..ika telisthe..inka chukale...PS bagundhi...