Monday, February 26, 2007

back to service...

Service... All that man does in life.

Love... All that pushes man at service.

This way S/he serves parents, friends, an organization,

the family, the society and the god.

Never comes a question of 'self',

though it seems so.

let us, so, take ourselves

from Service for Particular to Universal Service

with eternal man-man relation.

just with a purpose...

to serve, being served.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

How to divide time between multiple interests…???

The most confusing question in decision-making for me was this.

Can this ever be possible??? May be!!! I thought once, and, coined the term ‘multi personality in order’… Usually the preference is given to our interests making something as ‘primary’ and other as ‘secondary’ and so on… The basic principle lies here…in making everything ‘primary’…which needs us to act in different personalities, thus making us to involve in each personality to achieve the respective ‘primary’ interest.
The change in personality; accordingly, intentionally to get things done in a perfect way… how if the preference is given equally to all interests that everything becomes ‘primary’ in our life thus achieving all what we desire…!

However, Giving ‘primary’ status to everyhing is not easy and can be done (?), of course, through multi personality in a definite way… which needs a great practice, and further, a perfect control on ourselves… which shall otherwise lead to multi personality disorder, thus leading to the change in personality without knowing…!
Getting into multi personality 'in order' seems unusual… but if practiced, it shall give the best… each personality attained according to the respective interest, making it ‘primary’ for that personality during a specified time… and... the personalities goes on changing with interests... Try out once!!

PS: Four years life of engineering… got enough time to do anything and everything… excepting a day before the exams to decide whether to take the exam or drop it.
Still It was difficult to find the time for my interests which increased in number year after the year and… I didn’t understand how to divide the time between multiple interests. This funny heart wanted not to let any of my interests to become ‘secondary’ in my priorities.
Those were the days when Shankar’s ‘aparichithudu’ hit the big screen and hit my mind too. After watching the movie, I was back home and wrote something and when finished writing it and read it, my body trembled at once imagining my differed personalities fighting my interests...!
I just wanted to instigate a thought in your mind - how would you feel at your imagination… How it would be if someone intentionally tries to get into multi-personality…???

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

UnderstanD ThE TrutH...

Dont' you care to be true?
Don't you mind if you have or never have a relation.
This post is not for you then.
Do you love to be true?
Do you care for a relation?...
then its for you!!!

here goes ==v
"It takes two to speak the truth - one to speak, another to hear".
The truth cannot be understood by saying what you think is the truth.
You have to express it differently for different people.
You cannot tell a man the truth about something
until you know what he understands by that.
If you speak something and he understands it in a different way,
you must not be surprised if he takes a dislike at you;
And if that(what the other person understood by that)
is not what you mean,
you didnot speak the truth.
So, you can speak the truth only when you know
how the other person understands what actually you meant to say...
In the same way, you can not say that you are right about something
when you did not understand
what the other person actually meant in saying something;

Just see the above saying in a modified form...
"It takes two to understand the truth
- one to speak, and another to hear".
Need runs a relation.
When someone really wants to make/run/maintain a relation,
S/he means that s/he is in need.
Siuations rule emotions, which in turn effect relations.
One has to withstand any situation that is being encountered.
In doing so,
to be true in a relation which involved in that situation,
all S/he needs to do so
is just to understand the truth behind the situation.
(As) You know, truth is too big for anyone to understand.
The truth as it is seen, is only a part of the real truth.
The other part of the truth is with the other side(or person).
The real truth is the sum total of the truths of the persons who involved in a relation.(In this conext... )
The truth that is known by a person is only a part of the real truth.
S/he has to listen to the other side to understand the real truth.
So, to understand the truth, one need to express his/her truth,
and at the very next instance, s/he has to listen to the other side.
All the little quarrels and minute dufferences resulting deep pains
are just because the real truth is not known.
We will come to know it, only when we try to.
So, in a relation which is ..., though you want to maintain,
trying to know the other part of the truth
shall always result fruitful results or memories at least.
If it is known that the other part of the truth is not as we 'expected'
(the min expectation is that the other side is true),
then we have to quit the trial to know the truth
as it yields nothing new
(as it won't be helpful in making up the relation).

Before all, we need to be true in our relation. ;)

It is difficult to understand
but very easy to misunderstand.
however, one shall misunderstand only when they wish to.
so, never mis'take anybody :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Religion, God and Spirituality In life.

  • Man faces many 'problems'. All problems can't be solved by himself. He looks for someone(somethng) else who(which) can solve his problem. In other words, he tries to find out some means which gives him relief.
  • A 'problem' is felt so due to some emotional, sensual and social imbalance and something else beyond this(?).
  • To write the same in the 'beyond' context... Everything that happens is due to energy, negative or positive, which changes it's forms. We ought to 'believe' that everything runs under some energy which we do not know. We say it an ‘impersonal god’.
  • If there is any 'body' which can solve the problems of beings, then it is treated as god... here comes the existance of god... a personal god.
  • 'god thing' is infinite. Since any religion is limited, No religious god is the perfect answer for 'god'.
  • The ‘solution’ to all the so-called problems could be given by no 'body' till now. Each role entered humans' life yet its role was limited. That is the reason why humans found so many gods. Also, man doesn't know the exactness of anything which is again the reason for the existence of so many gods and religions which satisfied, within their limits, the purposes of the age.
  • Studying every religion, knowing the reason for its creation, existence and extinction, then, trying to satify its purpose... also making our purpose out of it... shall take us to higher level. That is all!!
  • The solution of man’s every so-called problem lies here…in balancing the sensual, emotional, and social attachments and the resultant pleasures and grieves… realising that they are momentous… thus living a sustainable life being non-addicted to the situations being faced.

PS: We seek for something, in this world, may it be termed 'realization', through knowing and learing things.

Religion is a way to realization. Those who are not self-controlled can 'practice' any religion, provided the practice need to be perfect, according to the holy scriptures of the respective religion.

Ultimately... when realization comes into act we find ourselves in no religion but in a spiritual world...the eternal world with no happies and no sorrows... but realization... merely a realization...

If there is anything like "god",
It must be either 'One which knows the truth' or 'The belief in...' !!

I feel, 'a being' itself as god with no expectations but love...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


The question arised many times in me about the Individuality of a man, and till now, I was convinced neither with the exsisting philosophies nor have I realized anything.

'What do I do on my own?, is the question, excepting a mere cry after my birth for something, unknown at that time, and, as part of thinking process,
the first thought arose, may be the first questioning 'where?', when I was seeking for food, then might came the powerful thoughts what and why.

May be the cry after the birth (when we had no individuality and were dependents,I think, you shall agree with this) was because of the strong intention to be at the breast for food to satisfy the
feeling of hunger, and, for a shelter to be in the mother's lap, and now, cloth is added.

Does individuality mean acting with our own thoughts? If yes, then, own thoughts must be pure, and if yes, pure thought must be simply the first thought. These thoughts, now eating my mind, would be and are the mere imitators of parents, friends and some books, and if yes, the question of individuality arises again.
I do have my individuality now, which is, for me, nothing but either accomodating the situation for the self or moulding the self according to the situation .